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Watch Now: Jimin 'Letter (Dear. ARMY)' Live Clip

By Indo - June 7, 2023
As hinted in the cryptic 2023 BTS FESTA calendar timeline, BTS Jimin has upped the excitement of the septet’s upcoming 10th anniversary with his Dear Army live clip (편지). June officially marks the commencement of purple celebrations for the event in question, and while the group has been sending out several teasers for their single Take Two, Park Jimin is now the first member out of the seven to have presented their fans with a mesmerising gift.

On June 7, 2023, the BANGTANTV YouTube Channel dropped the surprise video. The singer’s clip snapped him serenading the BTS ARMY, aka the fan-following of the group that has endlessly pushed for their beloved bands success in the industry tirelessly for the past 10 years.

As suggested by the timeline calendar that drew up a guitar and music notes for June 7, the Jimin live performance video is as raw possible in terms of being directed to the fans’ hearts. Since the singer was previously featured on the Angel soundtrack of the American speed racing movie Fast X, he channels the title of the same track in this new video as he’s spotted donning a warm beige-toned outfit that imparts him with a saintly image against the paradisiacal nature backdrop of a garden.

The purple flowers decking the orchestrated small garden catch one’s eye at the first glance, mirroring a vision where the singer is surrounded by his fans (the colour purple representing their presence beside him). This small garden is separated from the woods right outside the glass dividing the two spaces, almost as if the garden is a safe haven where the two parties can symbiotically stay connected with each other, away from the outside noise. The same flowers are an overarching representative symbol of the group’s official colour, and they’re equally reminiscent of RM’s Wild Flower music video.

While the BTS 10th anniversary is approaching, which means that the fans will be celebrating the feats achieved by the group, their favourites are on the same page in terms of giving back to their ARMY. These musical presents are possibly one of the best means to convey their thoughts about how thankful they are for their fans and the way they’ve stuck it them since the beginning of the road ridden with obstacles and hardships.

Jimin is accompanied by merely a guitar player who supports him with a musical melody which guides his earnest, unfiltered and natural harmonious expression from the heart. He ends the video clip by showing off the ‘7’ tattoo on his forefinger dedicated to his team, a sight obvious to leave the fans teary-eyed.

Watch the video below:

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