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RM Unveils Second Solo Album ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’: Stream It Now

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Photos: RM 'LOST!' MV Photo Sketch

Behind-the-scenes photos from the set of RM's 'LOST!' have been uploaded to Bangtan Pictures!

·   rm   ·   photos   · May 26, 2024

RM Speaks Out On Burden Of Being Legendary K-pop Group's Leader

During a chat with fellow bandmate Jimin, RM opened up about how his latest album Right Place, Wrong Person came into being.

·   rm   ·   jimin   ·   news   ·   videos   · May 26, 2024

Learning From Antiquity: RM of BTS

To celebrate RM's new album Right Place, Wrong Person — out today — editorial images by Wing Shya with RM for 032c Issue #44 and an interview between RM and Fiona Bae have been released!

·   rm   ·   interviews   ·   photos   · May 24, 2024

RM Unveils Second Solo Album ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’: Stream It Now

The K-pop star’s second record, Right Place, Wrong Person, arrived Friday (May 24), bringing with it 11 new tracks for fans to enjoy amid the band’s military obligations.

·   featured   ·   rm   ·   news   ·   music   ·   videos   · May 24, 2024

Watch: RM of BTS teases 'Lost,' title track from new album

The video shows a group of people standing and staring up at a light coming from a hole in the ceiling. When the light goes out, the people snap to attention and face the camera.

·   rm   ·   news   ·   music   ·   videos   · May 22, 2024

BTS faces investigation for ‘sajaegi’ alleged chart manipulation

HYBE faces probe by KOCCA over allegations of BTS' chart manipulation, despite consistent denials. K-netizens express skepticism.

·   bts   ·   news   · May 21, 2024

Photos: RM 'LOST!' Poster

BIGHIT has released posters for RM's title track, "LOST!" off his upcoming album 'Right Place, Wrong Person'. Check them out on Bangtan Pictures!

·   rm   ·   photos   · May 20, 2024

RM Shares Heartfelt Message For Fans Amid Military Service: 'Miss You A Lot'

BTS member RM posted a heartfelt message on Weverse for his fans. He is currently serving in the military and will return in 2025.

·   rm   ·   news   · May 20, 2024

Popular South Korean actress hints dating BTS Jimin with major social media update

Speculations about Song Da Eun and BTS' Jimin's relationship began in the summer of 2022 when a now-deleted Pann Nate post shared a 12-piece collection of evidence suggesting they were dating.

·   jimin   ·   news   · May 19, 2024

V shares update from military with fellow platoon members

On his Instagram story, the K-pop star shared a photo of him with his fellow platoon members taken from what seems to be a self-photo studio.

·   taehyung   ·   news   · May 19, 2024
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