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September 21, 2023  
suga · news · weverse ·

Suga Shares Heartfelt Message to ARMY on Weverse Ahead of Military Enlistment

Suga posted on Weverse ahead of his military enlistment to wish ARMY farewell.
September 21, 2023  
taehyung · videos · layover ·

Watch: V 'Love Me Again' Band Session

V serenades ARMY with a live band performance of 'Love Me Again.'
September 21, 2023  
taehyung · news · music · videos · layover ·

Watch: V Takes 4th Win For “Slow Dancing” On “M Countdown”

V has scored his fourth music show trophy for “Slow Dancing”!
September 21, 2023  
rm · photos ·

Photos: RM for GQ Japan November Issue: Contemporary Art Special Feature

RM will be GQ Japan's November 2023 cover issue. Check out the preview photos here!
September 21, 2023  
jungkook · photos · candids ·

Photos: 09.21.2023 Jungkook Departing Incheon International Airport

Jungkook was spotted at ICN earlier today departing to New York.
September 20, 2023  
taehyung · videos · layover ·

Watch: V's 20 second LIVE @ Gangneung

V goes undercover and surprises fans with 20-second performances off his solo album 'Layover.'
September 20, 2023  
taehyung · news · music · videos · layover ·

Watch: V Takes 3rd Win For “Slow Dancing” On “Show Champion”

V has won his third music show trophy for “Slow Dancing”!
September 20, 2023  
featured · bts · news ·

All 7 BTS Members Renew Contracts With BIGHIT MUSIC

It’s official—all 7 BTS members will be walking the same path with BIGHIT MUSIC!
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September 20, 2023  
bts · news ·

BTS stars shine brighter as solo artists

BTS remains a global sensation despite the groups hiatus, with each of its members enjoying a new renaissance as successful solo artists.
September 20, 2023  
taehyung · photos · appearances · layover ·

Photos: V on MNet Countdown

Photos of V's performance on MNet Countdown have been released. Check them out here!
September 19, 2023  
taehyung · videos · layover ·

Watch: V 'Layover' MV Making Film

V takes us behind the scenes of the making of all the music videos from Layover.
September 19, 2023  
taehyung · news · music · layover ·

V Hits New Peaks On Billboard’s Artist 100 And Hot 100 As “Slow Dancing” Debuts

V has achieved his highest rankings yet as a soloist on Billboard’s Artist 100 and Hot 100!
September 18, 2023  
taehyung · videos · layover ·

Watch: V performs 'Slow Dancing' on The First Take

Episode 360 welcomes V of BTS for the first time on THE FIRST TAKE. Watch his performance here!
September 18, 2023  
taehyung · photos · candids ·

Photos: 09.18.2023 V Arriving at Incheon International Airport

V has returned home to Korea, after spending a few days in Japan. Check out the photos here!
September 17, 2023  
taehyung · news · music · layover ·

V Debuts On Billboard 200 & Ties Record For Highest-Ranking Korean Solo Album

V has made his solo debut on the Billboard 200!
September 17, 2023  
suga · videos · weverse ·

Watch: 09.17.2023 Suga on Weverse Live!

Suga went live on Weverse earlier today, presumably for the last time until 2025 due to military enlistment.
September 17, 2023  
suga · news ·

Suga Announces Military Enlistment Date

On September 17, BIGHIT MUSIC officially announced that Suga would be enlisting on September 22.
September 16, 2023  
jungkook · photos · candids ·

Photos: 09.16.2023 Jungkook Arriving at Incheon International Airport

Jungkook arrived back home in Korea earlier today. Check out the candid photos here!
September 16, 2023  
jin · videos ·

Watch: Message from Jin : Sep 2023 💌

This month's 'Message from Jin' comes in the form of a video. Even fellow BTS member V makes a cameo appearance!
September 16, 2023  
jungkook · news · photos ·

Photos: Jungkook X Vogue Korea

Vogue Korea released previews for their October issue covers and Jungkook poses as the model of the four covers.

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