‘Thank you for existing’: J-Hope shares last letter before military discharge

By Indo
Posted on July 9, 2024

Today marks ARMY day which is celebrated each year on July 9. This day commemorates the official naming of BTS fans as ARMY. J-Hope expressed in his letter that this would be the final one he shared before his upcoming military discharge.

The letter was warmly captioned, "The one who made us more like ourselves, ARMY everyone~!! Thank you for existing!!" Alongside the letter, J-Hope also shared a new unseen group photo featuring all seven members of BTS.

In the letter, J-Hope wrote, "ARMY!! Happy birthday~" He acknowledged that it was their fandom's birthday and expressed his sentiment that not visiting his fans through Weverse would be regretful. J-Hope mentioned that he believed this might be his final letter before his military discharge.

He also shared that he had prepared plenty of content so that his fans could feel his warmth during his time in the military.

J-Hope asked fans how they liked all the content and noted that there should be approximately three months left until his discharge. He expressed curiosity about his own mindset and feelings during this period of uncertainty. Despite not knowing what lies ahead, he emphasized that his love for his fans remains steadfast and unwavering.

J-Hope reassured fans that his affection for them will remain constant and unchanged. He concluded the letter with heartfelt words, "Our ARMYs who have made us more like us!! Thank you for existing!! I will come see you soon with good health~!! I love you."

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