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Watch: Jimin joins New Jeans for ETA Challenge

NewJeans posted the "What's Your ETA Challenge" on their TikTok account, featuring Jimin.

·   jimin   ·   videos   ·   tiktok   · August 17, 2023

Watch: Jungkook goes live on Tiktok for the first time

Jungkook's chaos continues as he went live on Tiktok for the first (and probably last) time.

·   jungkook   ·   news   ·   videos   ·   tiktok   · August 3, 2023

Jungkook accidentally shares his TikTok account sending fans into a frenzy

Jungkook accidentally exposed his Tiktok account and runs with it!

·   jungkook   ·   news   ·   tiktok   · August 1, 2023

Jungkook Is Joined By SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu For The “Seven” Challenge

Jungkook and SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu have once again broken the internet by coming together for the "Seven" challenge.

·   jungkook   ·   videos   ·   tiktok   ·   seven   · August 1, 2023

Updated: Jimin with SUGA on TikTok: ‘Like Crazy’ Dance Challenge

The TikTok dance challenges for 'Like Crazy' have begun! Up first? Suga. Check out the video here.

·   suga   ·   j-hope   ·   jimin   ·   tiktok   · March 27, 2023
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