RM sends congratulatory flowers to younger sister on opening new cafe

By Gogo
Posted on July 2, 2024

BTS' RM celebrated his younger sister's new venture by sending a beautiful bouquet of congratulatory flowers for the grand opening of her cafe. Adding to the excitement, Jimin's father also sent in his best wishes with a flower pot, showing his support and joining the celebration.

BTS’ RM and Jimin’s father congratulate the former’s sister on new cafe’s inauguration
BTS leader RM's younger sister recently opened her own cafe, named Cafe Far Ben, in Seoul, marking a significant milestone in her entrepreneurial journey. Despite RM currently fulfilling his mandatory military service, he expressed his support by sending her a thoughtful congratulatory gift, a flower pot adorned with a heartfelt message: "Dongsaeng! Cheers to new beginnings!"

RM, known not only for his leadership in BTS but also for his affinity towards plants and nature, exemplified his supportive brotherly role from afar.

Adding to the family celebration, Jimin's father, who owns the popular cafe MAGNATE in Busan, frequented by BTS fans known as ARMYs, also joined in sending best wishes. This heartwarming gesture comes as another meaningful and supportive relationship shared by BTS members and their families, reflecting the group's close-knit bonds beyond their music careers.

For ARMYs, BTS' beloved fanbase, such moments highlight the close-knit relations and shared celebrations among the members and their families that resonate deeply within the fandom. Meanwhile, as RM's sister embarks on her new venture, supported by warm messages from her brother and Jimin's family, this occasion becomes not just a business opening but a heartwarming show of familial support within the team.

More about BTS members’ latest activities
In the latest, BTS members have been treating fans with continuous pre-planned activities and releases amid their inactivity as a group due to ongoing mandatory military service. Earlier today, it was reported that Jin, recently discharged from the military, will join the variety show The Half-Star Hotel in Lost Island in its upcoming broadcast.

Meanwhile, as the remaining BTS members diligently fulfill their military service, they have also ensured that their fans are kept engaged with pre-recorded content. Following J-Hope and RM’s second solo projects, V is set to release his much-awaited photobook on August 6, while his soulmate from the septet, Jimin, will unveil his highly anticipated second solo album MUSE on July 19.

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