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By IndoSeptember 16, 2023

Photos: Jungkook X Vogue Korea

On the 16th, Vogue Korea released previews for their October issue covers. BTS Jungkook poses as the model of the four covers.

Vogue Korea wrote the caption, “BTS One word to describe Jungkook, 'music'. We will spend October with four genres of music that transcend time. The theme of the first cover is 'Jazz of the 1920s.’”

The second cover, to which Jungkook stuns, is a British rock-themed of the '60s. They captioned the photo with “All the music in the world, Jungkook. The theme of the second cover is "Brit Rock of the 1960s."

On the third cover, Jungkook shows off a different vibe by being in a much different theme, a punk-themed cover! The theme was said to be ‘Punk of the 1970s.’ And on the fourth cover, Jungkook once again shows off his crazy visuals by being styled in the style of Hip-hop in the 2020s.

Check out the cover photos below:

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