Jin: Weverse Magazine Interview

By Indo
Posted on July 9, 2024

True to his word that he gave on the 10th anniversary of his debut, the very first thing Jin did upon being discharged from the military was hop on weverse LIVE to talk with ARMY. He then greeted them in person the very next day at BTS FESTA, the event celebrating 11 years since the group’s debut. Jin pushed back any and all post-service plans except for those involving ARMY, working day and night for eight days straight minus a single day off to rest up.

Still, he smiled sincerely as he made it clear that there was nothing burdensome about working those long hours to show his fans how much they mean to him. “But it’s just something I do, you know? That’s what being a superstar is all about.”

Congratulations on finishing your military service!
It feels like I’m just on leave and have to get back to base. It still doesn’t feel like I’m really out yet. It’s quite disorienting, actually. I asked my friends and they said it’ll go away after a month or two, or maybe three. They said, “Just watch—you’ll say ‘I wanna go home’ out of habit, even once you’re out.” And I really do! (laughs)

In that case, have you been sticking to the same routine you had while you were in the army?
I still feel sleepy around 10 or 11 at night, but I have to get back on my work schedule, so sometimes I go to bed late, or wake up at five in the morning. It seems like I’m readjusting pretty quickly. It’s been around eight days since I got out and I’ve been working every day except one.

Hasn’t that been tough?
But it’s just something I do, you know? Because I’m a superstar. (laughs)

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Photos from the interview are available on Bangtan Pictures below:


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