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By GogoJanuary 25, 2024

Jin's Ottogi Ramyun sincerity campaign wins the silver award at the 2023 Korea Digital Advertising

On January 22, 2024, BTS' Jin's Ottogi Jin Ramyun sincerity campaign secured the silver award in the marketing campaign promotion category at the 2023 Korea Digital Advertising, showcasing the BTS member's immense influence as a brand ambassador for the mentioned brand.

Meanwhile, on November 9, 2022, the BTS member was announced as the brand ambassador by the food manufacturing company Ottogi for their ramen brand, Jin Ramyun.

Upon learning that the BTS member contributed significantly to the promotional campaign for Ottogi Ramyun, boosting search volume and doubling sales overnight, fans are now proud. They are boasting about the idol's impact, especially with the campaign receiving the above-mentioned award.

Fans are proud of the BTS' Jin for his latest milestone

As Jin became the ambassador for the aforementioned brand, he was involved in the Ottogi Jin Ramyun Sincere campaign, which captured the hearts of his fans. Through the aforementioned campaign and due to the Moon singer's global status as one of the most significant K-pop sensations, the brand witnessed unprecedented sales.

Compared to before the campaign's start, the search volume for ramen increased massively. Using social media platforms, including TikTok, international users could purchase the brand, and everyone could see how the idol's endorsement benefited Ottogi.

The campaign went viral with over 30,000 participants and 18,000 shares on social media sites. The search volume for the brand increased from 23,000 in October 2022 to 46,800 in November 2022 due to the idol's endorsement. The campaign was held between November 2022 to April 2023.

As soon as fans learned how the Moon singer made the aforementioned campaign a massive success and even helped them win an award after his endorsement, fans were proud and couldn't stop bragging about his influence on social media.

Fans reacted as BTS member Ottogi Ramyun's sincerity campaign won the silver award at the 2023 Korea Digital Advertising.

Meanwhile, on the same day, it was reported that Ottogi Ramyun managed to break into the infamous 1020 generation of South Korea as the BTS member was announced as its brand ambassador, and more fans flocked to online and offline stores to purchase the product.

For the unversed, the 1020 generation refers to the younger section, and it isn't easy to convince them using traditional marketing strategies.

Many fans also confessed that they tried the aforementioned ramen only because the BTS member was promoting it. The Moon singer is currently serving in the South Korean military for his mandatory service and is expected to return in June 2024.
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