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By GogoJanuary 18, 2024

"He always excels!": Jimin crowned best trainee in unit and wins The HONOR OF EXEMPLARY

On January 18, 2024, BTS' Jimin graduated from his five-week basic training and a military graduation ceremony, being recognized as the best trainee in his unit by the commander of the division. He was also awarded the HONOR OF EXEMPLARY with commendation from the Chief of Division.

The Set Me Free Pt.2 singer was enlisted for his mandatory military service on December 12, 2023, alongside Jungkook. In South Kora, It is compulsory for every able-bodied male citizen to enlist in the military for eighteen months in a specific department.

Upon learning that BTS' Jimin was selected as the best trainee in his unit and received the HONOR OF EXEMPLARY from the division commander, fans took to social media to rejoice and shower praise on the Like Crazy singer.

"Jimin the greatest of all time": Fans are proud of the Like Crazy singer's latest milestone

As the Set Me Free Pt.2 singer was crowned as the best and top trainee in his unit by the division commander, it should be noted that the aforementioned distinctions are exclusively awarded to military trainees who have achieved the highest marks in all assessments during the five-week basic training period.

He is also eligible for the one month earlier promotion and the 4-nights vacation he can use at his home base with the aforementioned distinction.

He also earned the HONOR OF EXEMPLARY with commendation from the Chief of Division for his excellent service during the five-week basic training, and fellow soldiers can look up to him for inspiration.

Moreover, several photos of the idol went viral on social media, shared by Jimin's father on Magnate Cafe's Instagram, where he expressed gratitude to the idol's fans who supported him so far, captioning it as:

"Hello, I'm ZM-illennial Did you all bring your umbrellas? Like it's going to rain soon It's cloudy. For those who were waiting for the news of the rain, I'd like to send my comfort to those who were worried, and I hope you have a moist day."

He further stated:

"If it's long, if it's short, it's a five-week completion ceremony It's over. Thanks to ARMY's support and love, 1 year and 5 months can be a long time, but it can be a short time. Spring rain, rainy rain, showers, and heavy rain will be next to you ARMY gave me a lot of strength heartily thank you."

Soon, fans took to social media, showering a plethora of compliments on the Like Crazy singer for earning the HONOR OF EXEMPLARY with commendation and graduating as the best/top trainee in his unit.

They mentioned that even during his school days, Jimin would score the highest marks and was also the president, showcasing continued excellence in every aspect of life.

He left his footprints with his talent, sheer hard work, and determination to be the best in everything.

Fans are proud as BTS' Jimin is crowned the best trainee in his unit and receives The HONOR OF EXEMPLARY with commendation from the Chief of Division.

As BTS' Jimin has completed his five-week basic training, he will be deployed to the 5th Infantry Division to continue his remaining military service.

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