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Bangtan Web
By IndoFebruary 11, 2024

Bangtan Web 4.0: Eight Themes, One Website

Bangtan Web recently turned 1, and as such, we've decided to re-design the website from the ground up. While we loved 3.0, the new re-design introduces a bunch of new (and expanded) features that visitors will enjoy even more! Check them out below:

One team, seven members... eight themes to choose from.
The new Bangtan Web layout now includes a larger variety of both light and dark mode themes to choose from. From BTS as a whole to each member, you can now match your aesthetic to the site! You can change your theme in the top-right corner of the navigation.

News at a glance.
Overwhelmed with the amount of BTS news? Want to know the most important things to happen in the last few weeks? Check out our "news at a glance" section, giving you the rundown on what's happening.

Cohesive with Bangtan Pictures.
The new Bangtan Web was designed in tandem with Bangtan Pictures, allowing for more cohesive design elements. You can now tell both sites are related!

Faster than ever.
While our signature video for a header was stylish, it also bogged load times. The new Bangtan Web cuts down bandwidth use by approximately 50%, resulting in faster load times across the board!

Which theme is your favorite?
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