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Prior to contacting us, please take a peek at our Frequently Asked Questions below, just in case it answers your question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with BTS in anyway, shape or form?
No; we are not officially affiliated with BTS, it's members or management team, including HYBE and BIGHIT Music.

Where do you get your photos?
Most of our images come from news agencies, such a Dispatch. However, some of our images come from dedicated fansites all around the world. We do not remove or edit any 'tags' found on images; we ask that you support our fellow fansites and visit them if you see an image you like!

I am the owner of a photo and you never asked me for permission. Can you remove it at my request?
Our intention is never to offend or hurt anyone, as sometimes photos are shared so many times it's difficult to find the original owner. If we find photos and the original owner states not to re-post them, we will honor the owner's request. Otherwise, we will use the photos under the Fair Use Copyright Law.

If a photo of yours has been posted and you would like it removed, please reach out to us using the form above; we will do our best to honor your request.