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About Us

What is Bangtan Web?

Bangtan Web is a fansite community, founded in January 2023, dedicated to the k-pop group BTS. We offer all the latest BTS content, with daily updates on the latest news, photos, videos and more, all in one place.

Idea & Conception

The idea for Bangtan Web came to us from "social media fatigue." BTS (and the individual members) release A LOT of content on daily basis, and keep tracking of all that can be exhausting. From Weverse to Twitter, Instragram to Facebook, we would get overwhelmed whenever we would look up the latest BTS news.

Thus, Bangtan Web was born: a website where fans could get all the latest news, all in one place. Bangtan Web relieves the stress of social media fatigue, and also gives those fans who aren't connected to social media a chance to catch up on all things BTS.

Version 1.0 - Bangtan Web in Jan 2023

Launch & Growth

Bangtan Web was originally thought to be a small fansite that could find it's home on a shared hosting platform. We underestimated the power of ARMY, who subseqeuntly crashed Bangtan Web days before it's official launch.

Bangtan Web now hosts itself, on a scalable cloud server that ensures any influx in traffic can be handled without the need for downtime or site errors.

ARMY, we're still young. We ask for your help and spread the world about Bangtan web to help us achieve our goal of becoming the biggest BTS fansite on the web!


Indo · Email
Web Admin, Founder

Indo is the main administrator of Bangtan Web and founded the website in January 2023. As an avid member of ARMY since the 'Wings' era, they have a love for all things BTS, especially BT21's RJ! Their bias is Jin, with their bias wrecker being OT7. Indo is currently the only member of Bangtan Web and is single handily responsible for all content on the site.

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